Women: You Should Be Vaping Your Concentrates!

vape-penAccording to a great article on Bustle.com, vaporizing is becoming bigger and bigger (especially for women). Not that you’d have to tell us!

Not only is vaping better for your health (much less combustible product to inhale), its also way more discreet. Less smell and same great taste. Not to mention if you use our product, you can use a single vape battery for all of your vaping needs: juice, tobacco and cannabis!

Here are a few more great reasons to vape:

  • It’s Better For Your Health In The Longterm
  • It has better immediate effects: Makes you cough less
  • Its More Discreet
  • Cannabis tastes much better than joints
  • Its very cost effective
  • There’s a ton of vape merch! Again our pen is compatible with a wide range of neat¬†batteries and accessories
  • It gets you really high. Really!

Check out more at the actual article: http://www.bustle.com/articles/77073-7-reasons-to-vaporize-weed-instead-of-smoking-it-you-modern-woman-you


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