Numbers Announced for First Month of Medical Marijuana Sales in Illinois

cannabis-akIt’s been a big month for medical marijuana in Illinois. Patients bought approximately $801,000 in legal weed during the first month of sales in Illinois, generating nearly $56,550 in taxes for the state. Program director of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, Joseph Wright, announced the figures on December 9th, saying that 1,713 unique patients visited dispensaries–nearly half of the 3,600 patients enrolled in the program.

16 licensed dispensaries are currently open in Illinois, with the number expected to increase to 25 dispensaries by the end of the year. While the total number of patients enrolled in the program is still relatively low (the application process includes electronically scanned fingerprints for a criminal background check, doctor certification of qualifying medical condition, and an application fee of $100) if Illinois follows the pattern set by other states with medical marijuana programs, demand is sure to increase.

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