Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Problems with your Dabsolute Concentrate Pen? Have a look at these common questions and answers:

  • What is included in my Dabsolute kit?

    Your kit comes complete with: Dabsolute mouthpiece and base, Ego t/510 adapter, and instruction sheet.

  • Why should I choose the Dabsolute Pen over the competition?

    The Dabsolute Pen is the ONLY pen on the market with a modified air intake that will NEVER GET CLOGGED under proper use, additionally it is the ONLY concentrate pen on the market that features surgical stainless steel components that are 100% made in America and bolster a lifetime warranty.

  • What is the Dabsolute pen designed to vaporize? Will it burn flower, wax, e-juice, essential oils, etc?

    The Dabsolute Pen will vaporize any wax, oil, shatter, as long as it has the properly adjusted voltage from its battery unit. The Dabsolute Pen also works with standard e-juice mixtures. The Dabsolute Pen is NOT designed for flower.

  • What do I do if I push the button and no vapor comes out upon inhalation?

    First make sure that the battery is charged, then make sure you’re holding the pen straight down so the concentrate can flow over the coil when heated. If the pen has material and a charge, either the coil is broken or the connection is dirty. Remove the base and clean per instructions. If the Dabsolute Pen does not work after cleaning and inspection for breaks. Contact for warranty inquiries.

  • How should I hold the Dabsolute Pen when vaping?

    Hold the pen as vertical as possible when using so that the concentrate can completely flow over the coil when heated. If too much material is in the bowl area, tilting will cause it to leak out of the bowl onto the threads.  If this happens, see cleaning instructions.

  • What types of batteries are compatible with the Dabsolute pen? What is the thread connection?

    All batteries are compatible with the Dabsolute Pen as long as it has a Ego T/510 thread connection. If the battery only has a female 510 connection, an adapter is required.

  • How do I charge my battery?

    Please see your individual battery manufacturers recommendations.

  • What’s the optimum power setting for the Dabsolute pen? Maximum?

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen has an acceptable working range of 12w – 17w. Exceeding 17w continuosly could cause damage to the coil and void the warranty.

  • How do I clean the Dabsolute coil, threads, and mouthpiece?

    To properly clean the Dabsolute pen, fully disassemble and place the mouthpiece, coil, and coil housing in 70% (or higher) isopropyl alcohol until the residue dissolves. DO NOT use ANY “pick”, “wire”, or other sharp object to clean the coil area. Coil damage is not covered under the warranty.

  • What do I do if the Dabsolute pen breaks or malfunctions?

    The pen is covered by a lifetime warranty due to manufacturing defects. If you purchased your Dabsolute Pen through a retailer and registered your warranty, see the warranty page on for cleaning and troubleshooting instructions. After following the steps listed, if your Dabsolute Concentrate Pen still does not work properly, contact for further instructions.

  • Why does concentrate keep spilling onto the threads and air intake when I use it?

    Typically this happens when you overload the concentrate chamber and the oil boils and bubbles up instead of gradually vaporizing. Also be sure to hold the pen vertically when pressing the button and inhaling.

  • How do I load the Dabsolute pen?

    To load the pen Unscrew the mouthpiece from the concentrate chamber to expose the coil where you will want to place a BB sized (1mm) amount.

  • What is the proper amount of concentrate to place on the coil?

    Roughly a BB sized (1mm) piece of concentrate is ideal for use on this coil.

  • Can I refund my order?

    If you are unhappy with the product we will refund your purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee upon return of the unopened, unused product.

  • How do I register my Dabsolute pen?

    Please register your Dabsolute Pen on our website, through the link here:

  • What components are covered under warranty?

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen’s warranty covers workmanship and material defects. ALL Dabsolute Concentate Pens are tested prior to shipping for proper function and finish.

  • How do I become a distributor?

    Contact for distributor information. Include “Distributor Inquiry” in the subject line.

  • What is the lifetime of the coil?

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen will never break under normal use. That is our guarantee. There is no possibility of shorting out or breaking the Dabsolute Pen’s coil under normal use.

  • Does Dabsolute ship outside of the US?


  • Is the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen completely made in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or only assembled in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is 100% made and assembled in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    (No overseas manufactured junk here!)  We also offer an assortment of imported batteries to be used with The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen available in the store.

  • If my pen breaks do I have to take it back to the dealer to replace it or talk to some overseas call center?

    You will never have to talk to an overseas call center. You can take your pen back to the dealer to assist you or contact the manufacturer inside the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at for questions, repair and or replacement per manufacturer inspection.

  • Is the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen made of harmful metals and or faulty paints?

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is made of surgical quality stainless steel, a ceramic insert, kanthal wire coil and a brass pin, that’s it. No paint to wear off and vape, no plastic to melt and inhale. Just a smooth vaping experience with the highest quality components available.