Check out what real Dabsolute Concentrate Pen customers have to say about our 100% American Made product!

“This is a pen I would suggest to all of my friends. If you are not carrying this in your store, you should order now.”

Kevin Dankman- Reviewer, HotBreath Magazine
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“The Dabsolute pen has become one of my go to’s for portable vaping. The design is elegant and it vapes smooth while maintaining the flavor of the hash.”

David Maddalena – The Hemp Connoisseur

“Thanks for the info on the Dabsolute Pen last night, that pen was kick ass. It’s great meeting people who are passionate about the industry. Best of luck with the company, I’ll pass on the word of what seems to be the best pen on market.”

Zach Senn- Linx Card Inc

“I have finally found a pen that will smoothly vape my concentrate waxes without failure or clogging. I believe it’s due to The Dabsolute Pen’s superior skillet coil design along with its air holes located just above my concentrates. I am so satisfied with this pen’s performance, that my search for the perfect pen is over!”

Deacon DaveEmotekLabs LLC Denver, CO

“I’ve never been a huge fan of vape, and have always favored flower, but I recently quit smoking tobacco and searched to find a new healthier alternative in my smoking habits. I love how well the Dabsolute Pen works – it performs great, conserves concentrate, is easy to clean and works with my existing vapor battery unit!”

T BenwayColorado 420 Websites Denver, CO

“The Dabsolute pen will probably be the last concentrate pen I need to use.  It’s conveniently sized, burns extremely well, and you’d have to get pretty creative to manage to break it.  And I managed to write this while loading another dab”.

Sebastian – GreenLabs Denver, CO