The Daberator “Double Barrel” Model

The Daberator “Double Barrel” model is what happens when a couple of Looney Toones listen to Cypress Hill while using The Daberator “His”………..

The Daberator “Double Barrel” is the same exact dab rig as The Daberator “His” with the addition of an ADDITIONAL dab tube.

Before you ask why,  let us tell you.  There is no rational reason to do two dabs at once.

The Daberator “Double Barrel” will do nothing but what it is intended to.  Deliver to MOST concentrate of ANY rig ever made.

Please use caution when using The Daberator “Double Barrel”, it is not for the weak or faint of heart.


The Daberator “Double Barrel” model is best used with a glass container.

Silicone containers are not recommended for the Daberator “Double Barrel”.


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