The Daberator “Hers” Model

The Dabberator “Hers” model is our entry level model in The Daberator family.  The Daberator  “Hers” model offers the same features as the “His” model with the exception of the dab tube itself.  The “Hers” model dab tube is made from quality glass custom blown into a pure concentrate vacuum cleaner.  The glass tube allows even the newest of dabber to control their hit without overdoing it.  The Daberator also has a carb built into the glass for easy clearing and no waste!   The Daberator “Hers”  combines the effectiveness of the “His” model with the usefulness of a glass tube for those wanting to ease into dabbing.  Its ease of cleanup and reassembly are unsurpassed in the industry.

Perfect for the beginner, or the seasoned professional that has learned a few lessons.

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