The Daberator “His” Model

The Daberator “His” model is the flagship model of The Daberator family.  The Daberator  “His” model offers the same features as the “Hers” model with the exception of the dab tube itself.

The Daberator “His” model dab tube is a custom 5/16″  316L Medical Grade Stainless Steel tube bent and relieved for maximum airflow and efficiency.  We heat treat and finish our tubing to remove all potential impurities or oils from the tubing.

The Daberator’s Custom Bent Glass Mouthpiece and Custom Fit Stopper combined with the Dab Tube simply seal into the 250ml flask to make the easiest Dab Rig to use EVER!

There is no product like it on the market.  The Daberator will Outperform ANY dab rig on the market today in efficiency and value.

The Daberator’s  ease of cleanup and reassembly are unsurpassed in the industry. Every piece on the Daberator is able to be disassembled and cleaned individually, and is reassembled in seconds.

The Daberator is the ideal tool for the Dabber that wants the most out of their concentrate.

The Daberator “His” model is best used with a glass container.

Silicone containers are not recommended for the Daberator “His”.

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